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Black History Month Resources

Under the umbrella of Learning Services, we provide support throughout the district creating a sense of connection and community. The curriculum team is composed of specialized teachers in the following areas:  Numeracy, Literacy, English Language Learners and Learning Assistance.  We play an integral role in supporting teachers in building self-efficacy with their practice to best meet the needs of learners across the district.  A key focus is to promote meaningful inclusion and develop compassionate learning communities. Using current research around evidence-based practices we support our schools in the implementation of provincial curriculum K-12, assessment, and instructional practices. Our team is committed to meeting the needs of all students through the celebration of our diversity, where differences are seen as strengths. Through collaboration, coaching and professional development our team supports the needs of the school community, inclusive of students, parents, and all staff.  

Contact Us:

Charmaine Chretien, District Principal, Curriculum & Assessment


Tracey Lariviere, District Principal, Early Learning and Childcare &  District Reading Recovery Leader


Chantelle Fowler, District Learning Assistant Support Teacher & Literacy Support


Anita Yorke, Literacy Support Teacher


Barb Wagner District Numeracy Support Teacher


Christine Bourgeois, District ELL Support Teacher/Reading Recovery


Mary Tremain District ELL Support Teacher