The 8th Fire Video Series BLOG

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8TH FIRE is a provocative, high-energy journey through Aboriginal country showing you why we need to fix Canada’s 500 year-old relationship with Indigenous peoples; a relationship mired in colonialism, conflict and denial.


With its energetic pace and stunning HD landscapes, 8TH FIRE propels you past prejudice, stereotypes and misunderstandings, to encounters with an impressive new generation of Aboriginal Canadians who are reclaiming both their culture and their confidence.

They are the fastest growing population in Canada and more than half live in cities. Those still struggling on reserves in Third World conditions are demanding a share of the vast mineral and energy resources in their midst. And the Canadian justice system is backing them up.

The title for the series draws from an Anishinaabe prophecy that declares now is the time for Aboriginal peoples and the settler community to come together and build the ‘8th Fire’ of justice and harmony.


On a reserve in B.C., we taste high-end wine in a First Nations run vineyard and hear from an entrepreneurial Chief who believes the best relationships are business deals. An award-winning hip-hop trio in Winnipeg escapes gang culture; and we join a Quebec surgeon on a 4000 km trek where he visits First Nation school kids, and encourages them to stay in school and believe in their dreams.

The host of 8TH FIRE is CBC journalistWab Kinew, from the Ojibways of Onigaming First Nation in Northern Ontario. He’s also a dynamic rapper and musician.

This four hour HD series is an encounter with fascinating, complex people – as diverse as Canada itself.

We meet the emerging leaders, artists, activists and thinkers. We explore the best ideas for change. Above all, 8TH FIRE examines the way forward to a second chance to get the relationship right.

EPISODE 1: Indigenous in the City

Meet the rich kaleidoscope of Aboriginal people who are fast joining the country’s urban middle class and bringing their culture with them. Read more and watch   Time:  45:10

Prompt for Episode #1:

What was the most powerful piece of information you will remember from the first episode of 8th Fire and how might it change the way you perceive the Aboriginal students and families you work with?


EPISODE 2:  It’s Time

In a dynamic 2-minute walk through 500 years of history, 8TH FIRE host, Wab Kinew explains how ancient Wampum belts hold a clue to the future. The Supreme Court of Canada now confirms the promises they hold as the truth. The First Nations of this country were not conquered. They signed treaties to share the land, and this means Aboriginal people must be consulted and accommodated when anyone wants to dig, explore or develop on their land. As the world clamours for the treasure trove of resource wealth on the marginalized land we forced them to inhabit, deals must be made with Canada’s First Peoples. It’s a gamechanger.  Read more and watch  Time:  45:14

Prompt for Episode #2:

What connections can you make with the second episode of 8th Fire?