Welcome to a New School Year!


Welcome Back to an Exciting New School Year!

We are a district where collaboration among colleagues is a valued process in the way we work together to develop exciting and interesting learning environments where all children are welcomed!

Staffs work together to design curriculum, lessons, instruction and assessment where all children can meaningful participate in learning, gain new understandings and grow together.  We are a learning district as teachers also engage in learning together through collaboration groups, district committees and a robust professional development program.

The 2016-17 school year marks the first year of implementation of BC’s New Curriculum, where the interests of students can be integrated into their daily classroom experiences. Aboriginal Ways of Knowing and Learning are infused throughout the curriculum.  New areas of learning are:  ADST Applied Design Skills Technology and Career Education.  The PE curriculum now has a component where students are taught healthy habits to increase a positive sense of well being.  Professional development and inservice opportunities will occur throughout the year in all three new areas.

Possibly the most exciting new aspect to our work this year will be the infusion of the Core Competencies and teachers across the grades, from Kindergarten to Grade 12, have shared wonderful examples! Students are not only growing in their understanding of the content area learning standards, but at the same time working on skills in the areas of:  communication, creative and critical thinking, personal awareness and responsibility, social responsibility and finally, personal and cultural identity – these are the Core Competencies!  Proficiency in these Core Competencies ensures that we are raising children who will become productive, caring, responsible members of society and will simply make ‘good neighbours’!

Please check our Learning Together Professional Development Calendar for many opportunities to learn with your colleagues!  We wish you a year of inspired learning!  Welcome back!

Link:  https://sites.google.com/a/prn.bc.ca/learning-together-pro-d-calendar/


Kim Boettcher, Director of Learning Services